Did you know that 99% of unused toys are estimated to end up in landfill or the attic! For those trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, toys pose a major challenge. Between presents, new crazes and changing interests, kids amass a huge number of toys – leaving parents with a hole in their pocket and clutter in the house.

Ekaterina Kislova, Appytoy Founder
Ekaterina Kislova, Appytoy Founder

However, all that’s about to change. A Dublin based start-up has created the first ever free online mobile platform to exchange pre-loved toys – think Uber for toys. Appytoy, founded by Ekaterina Kislova, Evgeny Kazaev and Cathal Murphy, provides a fun, quick and easy way for parents to exchange toys with other households, business or charities who need them. As well as saving parents time, money and attic space, Appytoy also gives kids a chance to learn about sharing, reusing and recycling. Win win!

The app is now in the final stages of testing and will be available to download for free at the end of September on iPhone and Android. You can join the Appytoy community by following on Facebook or Twitter.



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