Courgettes. They may not be the most exciting of vegetables but that hasn’t stopped them from being given a lead role in a new project hosted by the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), in collaboration with Grizedale Arts.

Held in the beautiful cobblelocked courtyard of IMMA, the project, entitled A Fair Landemod, is not all about courgettes however. The real aim is to examine the place of art in today’s world and to question the role of creativity. Courgettes signify the simplest of resources and the project encourages visitors to use them in as creative a way as possible. The project is inspired by the key role artists played in creating a new vision for Ireland pre-1916 and the fact that, given the modern world we live in, we have moved away from our creativity due to the emergence of globalisation and convenience.

While neither of them are a courgette-enthusiast, I managed to drag my husband and sister along to A Fair Land on Sunday. From learning how to grow ‘glut’ crops, taking part in cookery demos, pickling vegetables, tasting delicious food, and listening to talks, we all agreed it was a Sunday well spent!

ericaA Fair Land is open until 28th August with a daily schedule of activities and special events taking place. Find out more here.

You can also follow the development of the project by looking for the hashtag #AFairLand on Instagram or Twitter

I’ll let you know how our pickled courgettes turns out!