If you’re anything like us you’ve been hearing a lot about living a cleaner lifestyle. From food to beauty products, we’re becoming more aware of the benefits of using and consuming products whose ingredients we can actually pronounce. But what about cleaning products?

While cleaning isn’t everyone’s favourite task, we all like a clean home. With modern busy lifestyles, we’re now presented with never ending supermarket aisles full of products promising to give us sparkling homes in as little time as possible.  But a lot of these products can contain chemicals which we don’t know a lot about.

Who are Cleaning Essentials?

But while lots of people want to make the switch to more natural cleaning, the thoughts of making your own products can be a little overwhelming. Well not anymore!

We recently came across Cleaning Essentials while searching online for quick, easy, natural cleaning recipes. And given how we at PurposeHub love finding out the stories behind sustainable businesses, we were immediately hooked by this company!

Cleaning Essentials is the creation of Martha and Mike, based in Western New York. With three children (and some chickens!), they wanted to find cleaning products that were safe for the whole family but that were also easy to use and worked just as well. And with that, Cleaning Essentials was born.

We got in touch with Martha and Mike about their products and they very generously sent us some to try out including:


Sustainability Kudos

Before we put these to the test, we were blown away by the sustainable credentials of these products. As well as helping reduce the use of chemicals:

  • All containers are designed to last and be reused. (If you do ever break one, you will get a free replacement!)
  • The cotton in the diffuser is organic and biodegradable.
  • All essential oils come from sustainable sources.
  • Cleaning Essentials are also a member of 1% for the Planet so they donate 1% of annual sales to support non-profit organisations focused on sustainability!

The Best Part

But as well as loving their sustainability work, we love how EASY these products make natural cleaning!

  • The Cleaning Essentials Bottle has recipes printed on the side of the bottle showing you which ingredients to use and how much to add. Recipes are provided for kitchens, glass, bathrooms, wood and tiles.


  • The Wipes Jar also provides recipes with options for gentle, all purpose or heavy-duty wipes.img_6036

  • The air diffuser is outrageously easy to use with just a few drops of your chosen essential oil needed.


So, if you’re looking for chemical free cleaning options, that are reusable (i.e. will save you a crazy amount of money), easy to use and that work, then we think Cleaning Essentials are worth checking out!

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